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I was born for this =)
Hai people! ^^
Assalamualaikumm =) Jom asah minat membaca korang dengan baca blog gua.
ecehhhh poyo sangat macam korang dapat ilmu baca blog tak berintelektual ni.

by the way, asal tiba-tiba tajuk entry macam feel superwomen semacam?
Well, sebenarnya baru siap shopping baju for the course.
Since I have not yet so far have the Black & White so today I went shopping with my mum.
So kesimpulannya sekarang dah ade dah, Alhamdulillah *Aminnn raut muka*

U know when I reached home and I tried all the clothes again and I look at myself in the mirror,
suddenly I feels like I was born for this.
I flashed back to the few years before when I have so much troubles and hardship
to get into this thing and how I used to dislike the course
once upon a time agoooooo,
long way back.. rasa sayu la plak.

but now, when I think about it deeplyyy like very deeplyyy
and how I see my mum's hope is getting high on me, and all the circumstances involves,
I dont think that I take this course because I have no option or because I have to for few reasons.
now I believed that I take this because this is my destiny.
and I was born for this. *kahkahkah*
 [ eh... kau gelak? nak lempang?] gua serius ni bai. *muka tegang*

okey gurau. k bai haha =P


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